Montefalco's vineyards


Technical Information

Cartina Itinerario

Cartina Itinerario



  • Dates = Can start any date from March to November

  • Grade = EASY

  • Starting and finishing point = Montefalco

  • Distance = 95 Km

  • Road surface = Asphalt

  • Recommended type of bike = All kinds of bikes

  • Drinking fountains during the trip = 18



Characteristics of Itinerary

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I really want you to experience the vineyards of Montefalco in the homeland of wine. Thanks to this itinerary you can immerse yourself in the vineyards of Umbria and experience the traditional wine making culture of the region. There will be an expert to explain the wine production processes and if you travel during the October Harvest you can test your skills in harvesting the grapes as well! It will definitely be a unique and unforgettable experience. This trip starts from Montefalco square and continues for 95 Kilometres through the region’s breathtaking countryside. The most fascinating aspect of this route is that we cover five ‘municipi’ local regions, each with very different wine cellars for you to experience and enjoy. Each cellar will offer wine tasting of various typical products and a buffet.

Drink responsibly as the road back home has enough curves already !!

This itinerary "Montefalco's vineyards" visits :

  • Bevagna: 

This pretty village between Montefalco and Foligno contains a fascinating mix of Roman and Medieval architecture. Bevagna today is famous for the Gaite celebrations which takes place every year from June 17th to 27th. It offers tourists historical re-enactments of medieval crafts such as glass making, blacksmiths at work, demonstrations of silkworm breeding and much more.

  • Montefalco: 

Montefalco is often named "The Balcony of Umbria" because of its geographical position. Its views stretch from Spoleto to Perugia. Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, the small town is particularly well known for its wine cellars and visitors are encouraged to try the wines and enjoy local olives and other typical foods. This beautiful town, with its romantic alleyways, has many lovely churches and the town square, with its particularly graceful townhall, is well worth visiting.

  • Trevi: 

Is one of the most picturesque villages in Umbria with its beautiful position and fascinating history. Olive trees are also very important to this wonderful place. As we cycle up the road that takes us to the town on the hill that is dominated by a myriad of trees that surround this jewel of Umbria, as it overlooks the plains of Spoleto. Because of Trevi’s great climate it produces a unique fruity tasting, bright green oil. Trevi is also renowned for its vineyards and wine production, notably the famous Trebbiano. In the center of Trevi, like in all Umbrian towns, you can still find people working along the streets and alleyways, housewives washing clothes at the fountain still living the traditions of old times.

  • Giano dell'umbria

 Photogallery of  “Montefalco's vineyards”

Characteristic Lanes Montefalco Caratteristici Vicoli Montefalco
Cyclists Passing Vineyard Montefalco Cicloturisti Vigneti Montefalco
Montefalco Townhall Municipio Montefalco
Silvestri Square Bevagna Piazza Silvestri
The Green Hills Of Umbria Verdeggianti Terreni Umbri
Trevi Surrounded By Olives Trevi Circondata Olivi
View Trevi With Olives Vista Trevi Con Olivo
Wine Cellar Montefalco Cantine A Montefalco