Francesco Pieri

"Umbria by bike, make dreams come true..“

About Umbria by Bike

Hi! My name is Francesco Pieri. I have always been a sports enthusiast with a particular passion for cycling! I have been living in Umbria all my life and have built up an extensive knowledge of cycling routes in this area.

In 2010 I got a master’s degree in management of tourism which focuses on cycling tourism.

Also in 2010 I participated in the 2010 Erasmus Program at the IMC University in Austria. Writing my researching paper on the world famous Vienna-Passau Cycling Route was the academic highlight of my studies in Austria and I particularly enjoyed interviewing many cycling enthusiasts from around the world about their experiences on that cycling route.It was a really valuable experience.

This research gave me a better understanding of the motives, interests and problems experienced by cycling tourists. Additionally, the study showed how products and services can be improved.
I feel that the key to good service is knowing what the customer needs and I believe that through this research and, above all, the many cycling tours I have given over the last six years, I not only meet but exceed the expectations of my fellow cycling enthusiasts. All this experience has helped me to bring the very best to the services I offer.

For me, giving cycling tours is not just a job that I enjoy; it’s a passion. Over the last six years I have dedicated myself to offering the best cycling tours you can find in Umbria. During this time I have collected many great and fond memories of tours with people from all over the world.
I look forward to sharing the beauty of Umbria - the best kept secret in Italy - with you!

Umbria by Bike Manager


Our journeys take you on bike through magnificent region. You will see enchanting scenery and we take to off many special places that are off the beaten track for a truly authentic and enjoyable Italian cycling experience. The Umbrian landscape is adaptable to cyclists of all levels. Umbria is a mix of mostly low-lying flat land along with soft, scenic hills making it ideal for both beginners and advanced riders. Its bordering mountain ranges provide a picturesque and inspiring backdrop on your journey.