How to get to umbria


Umbria is right the heart of Italy and because of its central location it offers an excellent transport system that is well linked to the other regions.


by plane


By plane : Umbria’s St. Egidio Airport near Perugia offers both domestic and international flights with Ryanair and other air companies. For more information contact ( St.Egidio Airport is also close to other major Umbrian towns such as Gubbio, Foligno, Spello, Spoleto, Orvieto, Todi and is only ten kilometers from Assisi.



umbria by car


By car : For those who wish to come by car, you can take the main motorway which starts near Rome in the south (Orte) and finishes in the north of Italy (Ravenna) and passes through the middle of Umbria. For cycling tourists travelling to Umbria, Trenitalia, the national Italian rail service is the most accessible.



by train


By train : The public network has two main lines: one from Florence to Rome and the other from Marche to Rome.( Both lines pass through and you can change at Foligno in the centre of Umbria. There is also a smaller private network in the region that provides an alternative to the main lines, allowing the tourist to visit small, otherwise unknown villages in the countryside.