November "the olive harvest"



For all the cycling tourists who want to come to Umbria on November 1st there is the opportunity to actively participate in an unforgettable experience: the olive harvest. This custom, handed down from father to son for generations, is carried out every year during the autumn and winter seasons.

I would like to let you relive the experience of my grandparents.

They used to get up very early in the morning, eat breakfast and then go to feed the livestock in the stables. After that they would gather all the equipment (rakes ladders, sacks, nets) for the harvest and spend all day long in the fields. It was a true family affair!

Mid-morning they lit the fire for lunch which they ate in the fields; the meat was slowly cooked in the glowing embers of the fire. This was eaten with bread, accompanied with homemade wine straight from their cellar.

But that's not all; we then gather the olives and take them to the oil mill. Then we carry out the milling process in order to produce our oil to the highest quality. This enables us to savour the unique taste. Additionally we enjoy having the knowledge of the origin of the olive oil!

Are you ready for this experience? I invite you to join us!